Dave Hubka and Jing Hong from Rivion, LEED construction with Green Badger

Interviews with Green Building Professionals: Dave Hubka & Jing Hong, Rivion

Today, Green Badger is featuring green building superheroes Dave Hubka and Jing Hong from Rivion who we have had the pleasure of working with over the past few years. Jing Hong is a Mechanical Solutions Consultant with Rivion. Jing works on LEED building projects and assists with the building system design, commissioning, and implementation of […]

Green Badger’s LEED v4.1 Update Review – Low Emitting Materials

This is part four in Green Badger’s series of deep dives into the changes for LEED v4.1 and how they may affect project teams moving forward. For more resources, visit the other posts in our series bellow: Part One: Introducing the LEED v4.1 Update Part Two: Green Bader’s LEED v4.1 Update Review – Environmental Product […]

Not Just For Yeti Coolers: LEED Compliant Insulation

Every building has insulation (in the US anyway). Fiberglass, cellulose, spray applied – for thermal, sound and mechanical, you’re building is bound to have multiple applications, and that can heat up (and keep warm) your EPD and Ingredient reporting count.

I see a BPDO Calculator and I Want It Painted Black

The first line of the Rolling Stones hit ‘Paint It, Black’ is well known, but the original second line toiled in obscurity – until today! The Badger can confirm that what you hear on the radio today, excerpted below, is the re-written lyrics of the original hit song: I see a red door and I […]