What can we help you with?

At Green Badger, we pride ourselves on transparency and clarity. We want to be on the same page as our users throughout your project license.

These are our most frequently asked questions.

How much does a subscription cost?

Subscriptions are on a project by project basis (with volume and enterprise options available). See our pricing page for complete details.

How do I register my first project?

Creating your project is easy – just click here to create an account and add your first project. Project activation requires a paid project license – submit your project details here for a proposal to get you going.

Does Green Badger work for LEED v4 and other versions?

Green Badger can help you with projects under LEED 2009, v4 or v4.1 rating systems for BD+C or ID+C. We currently do not support LEED for Existing Buildings, LEED for Homes, or LEED for Neighborhood Development.

Do you offer a trial of the software?

After you attend a software demo, we can provide you access to a sample project so you can experience the Green Badger workflow firsthand.

I’m sold! How do I activate my project?

Once you’re officially signed up, you’ll schedule a project training and kickoff with the Green Badger team. During the training, your project will be activated, and the team will learn all the best practices for managing LEED documentation within Green Badger. If your team needs a LEED 101 overview, we can provide that as well!

What kind of support will my team receive from the Green Badger team?

Every project comes with tech support – if you run into a bug or glitch, give us a call or email and we’ll get it fixed. LEED support or documentation reviews require a Premium subscription.

Will I still have access to my project data after it has been completed and sent to LEED online?

Yes. After your subscription ends, your project will enter ‘Read Only’ mode so you can still access all of your project data.

What does Green Badger export?

Green Badger exports documentation ready to go to GBCI for review – you’ll get prepopulated Excel calculators and zip files of all backup documentation. You can export 100% of anything you’ve entered into Green Badger.

Do I need cell service or connectivity for the mobile app?

You’ll get the most benefits using the mobile app if you have a data connection BUT you can still create on-site inspection reports offline. You will need to manually sync those reports to the cloud when you’re back in range of cell service or wifi.

I’ve never worked on a LEED construction project before. Where do I even start?

Green Badger offers a plethora of FREE resources to help teams master LEED construction documentation requirements. Click here to access them, including the General Contractor’s LEED Product Guide, the Essential Playbook for LEED Construction on-demand webinar, and our Ultimate Guide to LEED Construction.

What’s the difference between LEED v4 and v4.1?

LEED v4.1 is an update to LEED v4 that any project team can opt into on a credit by credit basis. We consider it essential to use v4.1 for the BPDO credits and low-emitting credits. You can find our complete guidance to LEED v4.1 here.

Where do I find LEED compliant products?

Finding LEED v4 compliant products is one of the biggest headaches facing project teams. Green Badger’s database has thousands of LEED compliant products with complete documentation accessible with the click of a mouse. We also offer a Guide to LEED v4 Products, which you can download here.

How do I know what a good EPD is?

Environmental Product Declarations come in many shapes and sizes. You can watch the Green Badger Primer on EPDs here to learn everything you’ll need to know.

How do I read an HPD?

There are a number of key data points you need to make sure are correct for a Health Product Declaration to comply with LEED requirements. The good news is the Green Badger HPD overview video walks you through it in a few minutes. View the HPD video here

Sustainability compliance has never been this easy.

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