Free LEED Product Guide for General Contractors

The LEED product guide is a free ebook for general contractors working on LEED projects.
If you haven’t opted into LEED v4.1 for the materials credits, this guide will show you how and why you should do so immediately!


The LEED Product Guide:

A framework of the product categories with the broadest number of manufacturers and product lines with EPDs, HPDs, Cradle to Cradle certifications, Declare labels.

Along with anything else you need to earn LEED materials credits for Environmental Product Declarations, Option 1 & Material Ingredient Reporting, Option 1.

Use the product categories listed in this guide as a quick-start to finding LEED compliant products without having to go through 1000 submittals.

What’s inside the LEED Product Guide?

✅ SECTION 1: Introduction

We cover the differences between LEED v4
and LEED v4.1 and tell you what makes a product compliant with each.

SECTION 2: Environmental Product Declarations, Option 1

Everything you need to know about how EPDs comply with LEED v4 and v4.1.

SECTION 3: Material Ingredient Reporting, Option 1

Everything you need to know about how HPDs, Declare Labels, and Cradle to Cradle Certificates comply with LEED v4 and v4.1.

SECTION 4: LEED Compliant Products

Products and manufacturers for the following categories: Insulation, Flooring, Gypsum Board, Ceiling Tile & Grid, Paint, Doors & Hardware

SECTION 5: Summary and additional resources

A fool-proof list of products to earn the EPD and MIR Option 1 credits, along with other resources to help you master LEED documentation!

Green Badger customers who have found value in the LEED Product Guide for managing LEED materials credits during construction.