PVC/CPVC Cement that is LEED v4 Compliant

PVC/CPVC Cement that is LEED v4 Compliant

At long last, LEED v4 compliant PVC/CPVC cement has arrived! After almost 4 years of waiting, construction project teams now have LEED compliant PVC/CPVC cement products to add to their projects. LEED v4 was introduced way back in the good old days of 2016. (Heck, it was supposed to come in effect in 2015.) Above […]

Flooring Products with EPDs for LEED v4

Green Badger has written on a bunch of LEED product categories that have multiple options to help you earn EPDs and HPDs, but no category has been as chock-full of manufacturers and products as the flooring category.

LEED v4.1 Construction Waste Management Updates

This is part five in Green Badger’s series of deep dives into the changes for LEED v4.1 and how they may affect project teams moving forward. In this post, we cover changes to construction waste management.

Green Badger’s LEED v4.1 Update Review – Low Emitting Materials

This is part four in Green Badger’s series of deep dives into the changes for LEED v4.1 and how they may affect project teams moving forward. For more resources, visit the other posts in our series bellow: Part One: Introducing the LEED v4.1 Update Part Two: Green Bader’s LEED v4.1 Update Review – Environmental Product […]

The LEED v4 Materials Credits You Can Actually Achieve

You wouldn’t go spend years developing a program, a rating system if you will, and get all sorts of input from a diverse group of industry experts, and have multiple rounds of consensus, if some of what you were proposing was not even possible, would you? Errrrrrr, the answer is apparently yes. While it has […]

LEED v4 Certification Tips Straight From USGBC

Did you know that there is official LEED submission guidance, straight from the good people at USGBC? There is! And you can download it below! One caveat – we took a read through it, and it seems to be a re-hash of what’s in the reference guide, but hey, at this point, anything helps. Download […]

v4 Compliant Duct Mastic

We’re sniffing for a duct mastic that meet LEED v4 requirements – and we’ve found a few! Let us know if you’ve found any others!   Design Polymerics DP1010 Water Based Duct Sealant Design Polymerics 1020 Water Based Duct Sealant Design Ploymerics 2501/2502 Water Based Duct Liner Adhesive MEI Eco Duct Seal Miracle ULTRASEAL GREEN […]

New v4 Sealants We’ve Found

The Badger is always on the prowl for products that can help teams earn LEED v4 materials and IAQ credits. We’ve recently come across a few more options in the challenging sealant and adhesive category and thought you’d want to know.  Our friends at Everkem let us know they recently got final emissions testing results […]