July 13, 2023

ESG Product Updates from Green Badger

We’re excited to announce a number of enhancements to the Green Badger Construction ESG platform!

Embodied Carbon

Import your embodied carbon from EC3 or enter it directly with a click. Green Badger now allows for tracking Scopes 1, 2 and 3 AND embodied carbon to give your project a more comprehensive snapshot of its carbon impact.

Here’s a quick walkthrough of how to import embodied carbon from EC3 or enter it directly into Green Badger.

Product Transport Emissions

Capture emissions from product transport as materials arrive on site by using the new QR code feature from Green Badger! Simply generate a QR code, print it where deliveries occur, and have the driver or team member scan the code when they arrive. In a few seconds you’ll capture vehicle information and distance traveled. These entries can be grouped by day, week or month to reduce the number of items in your tracking log.

Here’s a video of how to generate your QR code.

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