March 28, 2024

Specification and Submittals – The Keys to Project Success

Green Badger CEO Tommy Linstroth, author of the Ultimate Guide to LEED v4 and v4.1 Construction
Tommy Linstroth, Founder and CEO at Green Badger

Project specifications are a pretty important piece of the project documents, and are critical to ensuring sustainability goals will be met. Unfortunately, there are way too many generic specifications that don’t set up the project team for success. And that’s what they are supposed to do, right?

Specifications don’t have to be generic – where available provide environmental product declarations – thanks! How am I supposed to know where they are available? Specs shouldn’t be wishful thinking – they should provide clear guidance on what products can/should be used to meet project goals – whether its aesthetics, performance, warranty or sustainability. We spell the size, color and NRC rating of a ceiling tile – why not call out specifically which product contributes to the sustainability goal as well?

That’s why I’m super excited to host two experts in the field – Emily Reese and Linda Davisson – both sustainability efforts from our friends at Jacobs, who will be presenting on April 3, 2024 on Specifications and Submittals –  a free webinar that will focus on the importance of specification content in Division 1 as well as other technical sections, and how the requirements outlined can be improved from standard industry templates commonly used as starting points for projects. It will additionally include the transition from the design documents to the construction team, and final implementation in the submittal process.

But that’s not all! If you’re ready to make your LEED reporting specification even better, you can use the Green Badger LEED Reporting Spec! Download it today, and start requiring LEED reporting for the 21st century – in the cloud, not in 5 different excel trackers. 

There you have it – use your specifications to help set the project team up for success, and to ensure that LEED reporting is available to the entire team, 24/7 and guaranteed to be spreadsheet free. 

Sign up for the webinar and download the spec document!

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