Flooring Products with EPDs for LEED v4

Green Badger has written on a bunch of LEED product categories that have multiple options to help you earn EPDs and HPDs, but no category has been as chock-full of manufacturers and products as the flooring category.

Not Just For Yeti Coolers: LEED Compliant Insulation

Every building has insulation (in the US anyway). Fiberglass, cellulose, spray applied – for thermal, sound and mechanical, you’re building is bound to have multiple applications, and that can heat up (and keep warm) your EPD and Ingredient reporting count.

I see a BPDO Calculator and I Want It Painted Black

The first line of the Rolling Stones hit ‘Paint It, Black’ is well known, but the original second line toiled in obscurity – until today! The Badger can confirm that what you hear on the radio today, excerpted below, is the re-written lyrics of the original hit song: I see a red door and I […]

The easiest entrance into EPDs for your LEED project may be your doors and hardware

Green Badger does not endorse any brands or products. We simply provide information on products we come across that may benefit LEED v4 projects. The easiest entrance into EPDs for your project may be your doors and hardware. Do you see what we did there? Entrance, doors… BAM! Clever wordplay aside, the Badger’s got some […]

Fireproofing products that can help your project earn LEED credits

While fire retardants and intumescent coatings are standard practice for commercial construction, can any of them help you earn LEED v4 points? “Its Getting Hot In Heerrrre…” “The Roof, The Roof, The Roof is on Fire!” “We Didn’t Start the Fire” “This Girl is on Fire!” There are an awful lot of songs about things […]

v4 Compliant Duct Mastic

We’re sniffing for a duct mastic that meet LEED v4 requirements – and we’ve found a few! Let us know if you’ve found any others!   Design Polymerics DP1010 Water Based Duct Sealant Design Polymerics 1020 Water Based Duct Sealant Design Ploymerics 2501/2502 Water Based Duct Liner Adhesive MEI Eco Duct Seal Miracle ULTRASEAL GREEN […]