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The easiest entrance into EPDs for your LEED project may be your doors and hardware

Green Badger does not endorse any brands or products. We simply provide information on products we come across that may benefit LEED v4 projects. The easiest entrance into EPDs for your project may be your doors and hardware. Do you see what we did there? Entrance, doors… BAM! Clever wordplay aside, the Badger’s got some […]

The LEED v4 Materials Credits You Can Actually Achieve

You wouldn’t go spend years developing a program, a rating system if you will, and get all sorts of input from a diverse group of industry experts, and have multiple rounds of consensus, if some of what you were proposing was not even possible, would you? Errrrrrr, the answer is apparently yes. While it has […]

LEED v4 Certification Tips Straight From USGBC

Did you know that there is official LEED submission guidance, straight from the good people at USGBC? There is! And you can download it below! One caveat – we took a read through it, and it seems to be a re-hash of what’s in the reference guide, but hey, at this point, anything helps. Download […]

New v4 Sealants We’ve Found

The Badger is always on the prowl for products that can help teams earn LEED v4 materials and IAQ credits. We’ve recently come across a few more options in the challenging sealant and adhesive category and thought you’d want to know.  Our friends at Everkem let us know they recently got final emissions testing results […]

New Guidance From USGBC On Sourcing of Raw Materials

It isn’t every day you get an update from USGBC that corrects something they did that just didn’t make sense. While that could apply to any number of LEED v4 credits, this one applies to MRc3, Sourcing of Raw Materials, Option 2. This is the credit that is most similar to LEED 2009, where you […]

The EPDs You CAN’T Miss

Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) for LEED v4 Materials and Resources Credit 2 can be tough to come by. It can take over a year for a product to get an EPD developed, and that is if there is a product category rule already in existence. We won’t bore you with those details, but will share […]

Easiest Path to Find V4 Compliant Materials

Which came first – the chicken or the egg? The Badger doesn’t care – they are both delicious! In the case of LEED v4 and the materials market – the answer is abundantly clear. LEED v4 came much sooner than manufacturers and project teams were ready for. We talk to teams every day struggling mightily […]

Not all HPDs are Created Equal when it Comes to LEED Compliance

Next time you come across an HPD, double check it meets these requirements to ensure your MIRc4 Option1 success! If you’ve spent any time trying to track down Health Product Declarations, you’ve probably found them in a variety of sources – manufacturer websites, the HPD Collaborative, SmithGroups database, Building Green, amongst many other sites. What […]

Don’t Be an Angry LEED Guy…

We’ve all been there – frustrated beyond belief with tracking and managing LEED documentation. Check the video – sound familiar? At least there’s a better way!