Why is the sustainable materials credit dial red and showing 0?

A common question is “Why are my dials not updating? I’ve got all these entries in here, why is SRM still 0?” The most common answer is that no value has been entered for total construction cost or actual materials cost, meaning it’s dividing your entries by 0. Once you put in a value, which is required, it will do the calculation. So if I enter in my project cost of $10 million, for total construction cost, it will use the LEED default ratio to calculate that as $4.5 million and now my percentages are calculated. For your EPD and ingredient reporting, sometimes products are not a full product – so if you have a lifecycle analysis that only counts as half a product – LEED does not round up, so this number might really be 61.5, it’s not going to show you 62 because it doesn’t round up.