How do I change my material cost?

To document your source and raw materials, you’re gonna need a baseline value for your cost, for divisions 3-10, materials only. The easiest way to do that is to take your total schedule values for divisions 3-10 and put that value in here. LEED uses a 45% ratio to establish your materials cost, which becomes the basis of those calculations. You can update that number at any point, or you can use the “actual materials cost” field. If you’re separately tracking all of your contracts and breaking down materials vs. labor, you might have your actual materials cost for divisions 3-10 and put that in here. You’ll see this is currently greyed out, that’s because this value is already in. If I wanted to switch and use the actual materials cost, or vice versa if you entered the actual materials cost, simply delete the value you had and the other will become available. That will reset your total value.

Depending on the size of your project, how many entries you’ve had, and how long you’ve been using it, it may take a couple of seconds to refresh, but just give it a moment and you’ll see you can now enter here. If I delete this value, I will now be able to re-enter here. I’ll note there is an option to auto-sum what is in your log that you can use, that will calculate your values, but unless you’re entering every single product in your log with cost, that’s not going to give you an accurate representation. We think the easiest way is your total construction costs, divisions 3-10, and use the default value. If you track that separately, give the actual materials costs, either way just give it a second and those fields will open up so you can edit them.