Why can’t I find products?

If you’re not finding as many products as you’d think using our search, it’s best to just broaden your search a little bit. For example, if I searched “Sherwin Williams Promar 200 Low-Zero VOC Paint”, I’m not going to get any results. If I was to search a little more broadly – “Sherwin Williams” – now I’ve got all sorts of results, 46 different products, and I can find my paint. So if you use a bunch of keywords that might not show up, it will restrict your search. It is user friendly, so if you misspell something it’ll still show up, so if I put in “sherwun williams” it’ll return the same amount of results, or if I search “promar 200” I can find all of those paints as well. So there you go, broaden your search a little bit, and I’m sure you will find hundreds or thousands of products you can use in your project.