How do I earn the ESC prerequisite?

To earn the prerequisite for construction activity pollution prevention, erosion, and sedimentation control, project teams need to have an erosion control plan that was developed in accordance with the EPA’s General Construction Permit. This is an example of the plan, it’ll show you all the various erosion measures for a project, where they are on-site, and how they go in. The contractor simply needs to implement the measures as shown on the plan, and perform monthly inspections verifying that those measures are in place and continuing to function. Sometimes those are performed more frequently – weekly, biweekly, or after rain events – but from a LEED perspective, monthly is sufficient. You can just make notes, take pictures, show that yes, all the measures are still installed, and submitted, and at the end of the project you will upload a few of those inspection reports to LEED online for their review.