What is a construction waste management plan and what do I do with it?

Having a construction waste management (CWM) plan is a required part of your documentation to earn these credits. If you need one, you can download a template from our “resources” section: simply go to “resources”, go to construction waste management, select a version, and it will download for you in Word. The waste management plan is really just to say “yes, we are indeed providing some thought into how waste is going to be managed on our project”. We’ve got all the boilerplate language, you just simply fill in your details, but really what it’s looking for is:

  1. What do you think the materials are going to be on your site? So put a little forethought into that. 
  2. Who is managing it within your organization? 
  3. Who is your vendor, and how are they gonna manage it? Do they have separate dumpsters? Where are they taking those materials? Is it all comingled? What frequency are they going to be removing them?

So again, it’s nothing more than just a little forethought into how waste is going to be successfully managed on your project. Once you have that plan in place, of course, you can distribute it to your subcontractors, and you can also simply upload it into Green Badger by clicking the CWM plan option, and just upload that file, and save it so that the whole team has access. At the end of the day, you will export that report, as well as your construction waste calculator and those are the two items you’ll submit to LEED Online.