How to manage ESC with Green Badger?

There are two primary ways to manage your erosion & sedimentation control reports with Green Badger. Entering the portal, you will have two options: you can add new reports, or you can upload third-party. If you have a vendor or subcontractor who’s doing it, or you have a form you have to use in PDF, you can simply log that on a weekly or monthly basis by clicking “third party report”, enter a name & date, then upload the PDF. 

If you’d like to use our mobile app, the system makes it really easy. What you can do is go in and customize the erosion control measures you have in your project based on your ESC plan. Simply go to the list of measures you have in the plan, turn anything off that you don’t have or on that, you do have, feel free to add something on your own if you do indeed something we don’t have, then you can use our mobile app or the web platform to go in and create those inspections. 

So the mobile app looks like this, go to your erosion controls, add a report, fill in some background information, definitely need to give it a name, you can do a phase, qualifications, weather, select to make sure those plans are up to date, and then pick your report frequency. Other than that, just walk the site and visually inspect to make sure all of those measures are compliant. 

Hopefully, they are, so you’re just selecting “yes”, you can add comments, photos from your phone camera or photo library, and just continue to walk the site indicating that everything is in good shape or needs improvement. If it does need improvement, you will need to do corrective measures, and reinspect to show they are compliant. At the end of the day, you can sign your report, it’ll invent a little certification statement, just save it into your project, and you’re good to go.