How to make exports for construction waste management?

There are multiple options to export for construction waste management. For your actual LEED documentation you’ll need to export your Construction Waste Calculator and Construction Waste Management Plan, which is a required upload. For backup, you can get a zip file of all your waste tickets, and if you want an Excel version of the complete log, versus just the construction waste calculator, you can export that as well. Just select the options you want to export, click “export”, and it’ll generate a zip file that you can download at your convenience.

Construction Waste exports available in Green Badger:

• LEED Construction and Demolition Waste Calculator
• Waste Tickets (zip file of all uploaded waste tickets)
• Waste Log (excel log of everything in Green Badger)
• and your Construction Waste Management Plan if the team has uploaded it!

You’ll submit the Calculator and CWM Plan to LEED online.