How do I set my project up for LEED v4.1?

LEED v4.1 should be used without a doubt for the BPDO and Low-Emitting Credits, and most likely will help you with Construction Waste Management. Within Green Badger, you opt into V4.1 on a credit by credit basis.

First, make sure you’ve selected a LEED Rating System Subtype on your Project Details page.

In the credits you want to use LEED v4.1 with, select LEED v4.1 in the dropdown menu in the top right hand side of the credit screen. That’s it! The system will take it from there.

To set up a credit in LEED Online for v4.1

Log into LEED Online, select the Credits tab, and find the credit you want to use LEED v4.1 on. you’ll see a little circle all the way on the right hand side of the screen with an up and down arrow.

To opt into v4.1, simply click the circle, and hit Confirm on the next screen, and you’re set.