How to make exports for sustainable materials?

When exporting for the BPDO credits, you have two options. The first is the Materials Calculator which is the building product & optimization calculator, the second is your project data sheets, which is all your backup documentation. You will get a zip file for each credit and each option, with all of the backup in its own individual zip file. Currently, you need to upload both of these for your final documentation to USGBC. Within each form, you will upload the materials calculator and then the relevant zip file with all the backup documentation. Export them both and you will get a zip file with all your product data sheets and your final materials calculator, ready to go directly to LEED online.

Sustainable Materials exports available in Green Badger:

• Materials Calculator (LEED Building Product and Disclosure Optimization Calculator) – this is USGBC’s BPDO calculator (Excel) required for submission
• Product Data Sheets (Zip file off all product data sheets. You’ll get a separate zip file for each credit/option with all your EPDs, HPDs, etc). This can be a very large file depending on how many products you’ve tracked, so be patient!