September 1, 2022

Search by LEED BPDO Option 2 Compliance in Green Badger’s Product Database

Green Badger users can now search by LEED BPDO Option 2 credit compliance in our green product and materials database to quickly see which products comply to earn each credit.

At Green Badger, we are always adding new and improved functionality to make our users lives easier. This new database search functionality will make it simple for teams to search and find products that comply with BPDO Option 2 credits.

Watch the video above to see how the search functionality work in real time!

This new search functionality within Green Badger’s product database makes it super easy to identify products that have optimization documents. When you come in and search, use the advanced search option and select EPD 2 or MIR 2. Press ‘search’ and you’ll see all the products that comply!

LEED BPDO Option 2 Search Green Badger

Now, remember that there aren’t currently a lot of products that comply with Option 2 optimization requirements. Our database has 80+ products that comply with EPD option 2 requirements right now, and 325 for MIR option 2. This might seem like a lot, but most of those are Sherwin Williams paints for EPD option 2. This is because each sheen of paint counts as a separate product, and Sherwin Williams has a lot of product lines with many different sheens available.

However, if you’re trying to achieve Option 2 LEED credits and need one more product that complies to hit your goals, Green Badger’s product database is the perfect place to start!

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