July 14, 2022

Meet Green Badger: The Savannah Company that Recently Gained Over $1 Million in Seed Funding

By Jenna Moore | July 11, 2022

Green Badger is a SaaS development company that has established an avant-garde automation process and simplified construction compliance solutions for a more sustainable green building industry nationwide. 

The company is a trusted expert consistently exploring environmentally-conscious practices, a software company that is leaving a local legacy in Savannah while revolutionizing the way we develop, construct, and build.

CEO and founder, Tommy Linstroth, has his sights set on a comprehensively greener process for development with LEED certifications. Tommy has also designed innovative software for a construction ESG platform to support the goal of establishing a sustainable construction industry with an emphasis on environmental education and green practices to promote environmental wellness. 

Green badger Software

Green Badger provides real-time green compliance dashboards, instant verification of green building products, and the option for tracking carbon emissions and ESG metrics. Green Badger has simplified sustainable practices by supplying eco-friendly solutions to make it more manageable for green construction projects to be built on time and on budget. 

Green Badger services offer significant ecological enhancements that can change construction projects by: 

The seed funding will be implemented to improve the quality of green construction compliance, environmental education, customer support, and data analytics while strengthening the way we develop our environment sustainably. 

Recently, we had the pleasure of speaking with our local ecopreneur, Tommy Linstroth, to learn more about how this environmental ambassador for sustainable development is changing the construction industry for the greater good. 

green building

Q&A with Tommy Linstroth, Green Badger Founder and CEO 

How did the company get its name?

Tommy: I wanted to pay homage to my home state and mascot, Wisconsin Badgers, and I also needed to convey the central focus of the company as environmental/eco-friendly. As a solution to the lack of green options within the industry, Green Badger was constructed as an eco-conscious construction software company.

Why was Green Badger Inc established?

Green Badger was created in response to the overly complicated processes and unnecessary difficulties in building and developing property in a sustainable way. 

Tommy: When I was consulting, my theory was to make it as painless as possible – let’s make a building as green as we can, and I’ll work to eliminate the headache that comes along with the actual certification process…But after pounding my head against the wall too many times and having nightmares of 100-column spreadsheets as I sleep, I knew there had to be a better way…thus, Green Badger was born.

After struggling to keep up with detailed spreadsheets with hundreds of columns just to organize data and maintain operational functions, Tommy knew there was a better way to do green business. Green Badger works to educate its team with the best environmental practices to integrate their motto ‘Sustainability Simplified’ into their everyday existence, projects, and consulting advice. 

Not to mention, it is incredibly advantageous for planet Earth to design and construct more green buildings – without the need for more paperwork and spreadsheet nightmares.

What is your role within the company and what is your career background?

Tommy: Beginning my career as a Director of Sustainability for Melaver, Inc, a local real estate development company, I have been involved with sustainable design and construction for the entirety of my career. Then I transitioned into managing the consulting firm, Trident Sustainability Group before becoming the founder and CEO of Green Badger Inc. I am an avid supporter of not only sustainable design, but of the value of transparency and third-party verification. I’ve seen countless projects claiming to design and meet a specific standard – without proper verification. There is an overwhelming struggle surrounding LEED paperwork and documentation. I wanted to create significant solutions to these challenges.

Who does Green Badger serve?

While Green Badger is based in Savannah, Georgia, services are available nationwide. Currently serving Canada and US, a recent expansion to Europe has generated high hopes for this company to reach global heights. 

What is Green Badger’s competitive advantage?

Green Badger provides industry professionals with affordable technology and knowledge-based solutions to accelerate sustainable construction, while also walking the walk. The business stands out from competitors as a carbon-neutral company. Green Badger has taken the time to calculate the carbon emissions of the company. and offset them through a variety of partnerships.

What is unique about the company/services? 

Green Badger has partnered with Schneider Electric to offset the company’s carbon emissions and established a partnership with One Tree Planted to plant 10 trees for every new Green Badger project acquired. 

So far, Green Badger has planted over 5,000 trees in the state of Florida to help restore forests as they recover from the immense damages of Hurricane Michael.

What are Green Badger’s plans for the future? Where is the company headed?

Tommy: We are focused on expanding and growing as an eco-friendly, carbon-conscious construction and SaaS development software company. 

Green Badger’s future plans will continue to focus on helping project teams terminate the hassles that accompany LEED construction. Green Badger will also maintain participation with national programs such as WELL, FitWell, and Living Building Challenge and regional programs like CalGreen.

We will continue to build a platform that allows teams to promote green projects to be completed on time and on budget. Additionally, we intend to launch new, innovative platforms that will help integrate sustainability into all construction projects – because until sustainability is easy to implement and measure, it will be the exception, not the norm.”

Follow Green Badger Inc on LinkedIn for more progress and to support a more sustainable building future.

Read more about the company: Letter From Green Badger Inc Founder and CEO, Tommy Linstroth.

Ready to discover more about the environmental revolution within the construction community? Contact Green Badger  to learn how you can eliminate the headache of LEED paperwork and streamline construction ESG tracking.

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