September 26, 2017

LEED v4 Compliant Sealants: Fire Caulk

Highlighting fire caulk sealants that will help you earn LEED v4 low-emitting materials credits.

The Badger is always on the search for products that meet LEED v4 requirements – today, we’re showcasing fire caulk that meet the low-emitting materials requirements. Let us know if you’ve found any others!

Fire Caulk

USG Sheetrock Brand – Firecode Smoke-Sound Sealant
USG Sheetrock Brand – Firecode Smoke-Sound Sealant
Tremco – Tremstop Smoke and Sound Spreay
Tremco – Tremstop Smoke and Sound Spreay
Tremco – Tremstop Fyre-Sil
Tremco – Tremstop Fyre-Sil
Tremco – Tremsop Fire Caulk
Tremco – Tremsop

Using a LEED submittal cover sheet:

There are some pretty easy best practices that can really facilitate the documentation for materials and even low-emitting products.

Here’s one that you think would be commonplace, but at least in this Badger’s neck of the woods (literally), we don’t see all that frequent – using a required LEED Submittal Cover Sheet for all subcontractors. By having a coversheet, where you require the subcontractor to provide cost and any relevant LEED data (recycled content percentages, distance from extraction and manufacture, VOC content, etc), you get all this information upfront. Or reject the submittal and send it back. Pretty straightforward! Download your free LEED v4.1 product submittal coversheet bellow.

Download your free Product Data Submittal Coversheet for LEED v4.1
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