December 9, 2020

For Construction Pros GroundBreakers Podcast Episode featuring Green Badger

Listen now to the GroundBreakers Podcast episode featuring Green Badger CEO Tommy Linstroth.

Automate the documentation process, reduce the complexity of LEED project management and ensure LEED requirements are met. Listen now at

GroundBreakers, a podcast hosted by, highlight the innovative equipment, technology, companies and individuals that are breaking new ground in the construction industry. In this episode of GroundBreakers, Tommy Linstroth, CEO of Green Badger, shares how his company’s cloud-based LEED documentation platform can save contractors time and cost by automating the documentation process, reducing the complexity of LEED project management and ensuring LEED requirements are actually met.

Highlights from the For Construction Pro’s GroundBreakers Episode featuring Green Badger CEO, Tommy Linstroth:

Green Badger is a web and mobile platform for general contractors to streamline and automate green construction compliance. Most often, that means projects that are striving for LEED certification, bt it can also include waste diversion goals and material tracking.

There are numerous pain points for contractors on LEED projects. LEED has been evolving and changing with the times, but USGBC’s methods for verifying and compliance haven’t changed all that much. LEED, which stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, is the gold-standard for third-party green building certification.

Listen now to the GroundBreakers Podcast episode featuring Green Badger CEO Tommy Linstroth.

Obviously, if something is third-party verified, you do have to prove what you’ve done because that’s the value of it. If you said you recycled all this waste, then how did you do it? The challenge that comes with this is that USGBC’s process to implement this over the last 20 years has not changed. It’s still manually tracked in massive Excel documents where contractors have to validate products, reports and inspections over years-long timeframes. At the end of the day, this process is like managing your taxes: you save all your documentation in a shoebox to submit to the IRS and hope that you don’t get audited.

Green Badger’s lowers the risk of missing contractually obligated LEED credits by allowing contractors to enter all their documentation into one centralized platform, create indoor air quality and erosion control inspections from the field with our mobile app, and save all that information for easy export to USGBC review once a project is completed.

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