What is necessary for compliance?

For products to comply, they will have to show emissions compliance for every category. If it’s a paint/coating/sealant or adhesive, also show VOC compliance. There are a few types of emissions compliance out there, but they all need to say specifically – what standard are they meeting, and what’s the total VOC range. This is an example of a Greenguard Gold certificate, you’ll find it tells you very specifically it meets the California Department of Public Health standard, v 1.2-2017, and then when you come to this page it’ll say the total VOC: 0.5 or less. You’ll need this type of documentation for any product to be considered compliant for your LEED certification. If it is a sealant or adhesive, you’ll also need that VOC content, which is typically your product datasheet or SDS, that shows what your actual VOC content is of your product. In this case, it’s showing >50g/L, which is compliant.