What if a product is not in your database?

There may be an occasion where we don’t have the product you’re using. In that case, when you go to add it, nothing will come up as you start to type that – either brand or product. If there are no results and it just says “new”, that means we don’t have it. Simply click the “new” button, fill in the rest of your details, pick the LEED category that it falls into, add your cost or volume, and then how does it meet the General Emissions Evaluation? You should have some type of documentation that shows this for a product to be compliant, most likely it is the California Department of Public Health standard, v 1.2-2017, or a European version. Simply pick what you have, from that certificate you will have a total VOC range, and then simply upload that certificate, and hit save, and you’re good to go.