How do I make waste entries?

To make a waste entry, as with all credits, the first thing you do is click the “add” button in the upper-right-hand corner. There are a couple of different ways you can make entries. First, you’re gonna select what the material is you’re recycling – concrete – and what did you do with it? If it’s in its own dumpster on-site, it is considered “Recycled – source separated”, so you simply select that option. You put in the total amount – we had 5 tons of concrete, and we recycled all of it. In this case, that’s 100%, your diverted waste equals your total waste. Simply add each additional material – say, we also had a wood dumpster, select wood. It was recycled, there were 2 tons of it, and we recycled all of it. For your waste – the same thing, we have a waste dumpster on site. Simply pick “waste”, that option went to the landfill, none of that is diverted, and put in the total quantity (2 tons). If you have commingled recycling, meaning it’s in one dumpster and they’re simply saying you’re at a certain percentage, simply add it as a waste, pick that it was commingled, the material stream is commingled, percent ADC or alternative daily cover – if they’re using some of that for daily cover, put in what percent that is, otherwise you can leave it blank. And otherwise, just put in the total amount of waste you’ve had, and how much of that was generated, and that will calculate your diversion percentage. Then, simply put in the hauler, the date, and upload the waste report you got those values from, and you are good to go. Some commingled reports will give it to you by material, in that case, you are more than welcome to add it by material – so we have asphalt, commingled recycled, again putting in our weights and diversions. If they are actually sorting that, and weighing that, per your load, you can consider that “Recycled – source-separated”, so in that case enter it by material as “recycled – source-separated” because they are separating it and weighing it for you. If you are just doing regular old commingled for everything, you will want to get some type of waste diversion letter from that facility letting you know how they are getting those waste totals, and you should be good to go.