BPDO Credits

Green Badger Blog - BPDO Optimization 101
March 6, 2023

BPDO Optimization 101

There are credits in LEED that are no brainers, and then are credits that seem like no one can achieve. Up until the latest updates to LEED v4.1, the tough to achieve credits were the…

epd and mir option 2 compliant products
September 1, 2022

Search by LEED BPDO Option 2 Compliance in Green Badger’s Product Database

Green Badger users can now search by LEED BPDO Option 2 compliance in our product database to see which products comply to earn each credit.

LEED BPDO Option 2 Credits
April 18, 2022

How to Collaborate with your Architect to Earn LEED BPDO Option 2 Credits

The problem with the LEED BPDO Option 2 Credits is that, while they can be achieved, your team really needs to specify which products are going to be used from the beginning of the project in order to achieve them.