What Our Friends in ORL Recommend

Meetings always get off to a better start when they start with beer recommendations from the area – I could attend those all day long! Today’s beer comes from our friends in Orlando at DPR. They were very stoked about a limited release from Cigar City (in nearby Tampa) of their White Oak Jai Alai […]

Introducing the Green Badger Koozie!

You know we love beer. Boy, does the Badger love beer…but we really love ice cold beer, and bet you do to! That’s why we’ve got the Green Badger koozies, to keep you beer (or other beverage) nice and cold as you reflect back on the week at how much time you didn’t have to […]

LEED Innovative Wastewater Technologies: Don’t Flush These Points Down the Drain!

Have you heard of the Innovative Wastewater Technologies credit? If there’s one LEED credit we see getting bypassed with very little consideration on most projects, it’s this one. This credit requires cutting blackwater (water used for sewage conveyance) by 50%, or by treating wastewater onsite. Maybe its just the title – what sort of crazy […]