All-In On LEED – Leapley Construction’s Case Study

Case Study: Every LEED construction project faces a unique set of challenges often requiring equally unique solutions. For Leapley Construction’s work, refitting the top four floors of a building in midtown Atlanta for a financial technology (FinTech) company, the solutions had a common theme. An experienced project manager with sustainability credentials, Erin Siller (RID, IIDA, WELL AP), oversaw the LEED process from start to finish and credits the team’s “all-in” culture toward LEED along with Green Badger’s software and consulting services as the threads that cinched the project’s success in earning LEED Gold certification.

Case Study Overview:

In this LEED case study, Leapley Construction showcases its expertise in LEED construction through a transformative project in midtown Atlanta. Refitting the top four floors of a building for a financial technology (FinTech) company posed unique challenges, met with innovative solutions driven by a commitment to sustainability.

Leapley Construction’s LEED refit project exemplifies the company's dedication to sustainable practices. Led by Erin Siller (RID, IIDA, WELL AP), an adept project manager with sustainability credentials, the project embraced a holistic approach to LEED certification.

The success of the LEED construction project can be attributed to Leapley Construction's unwavering commitment to sustainability principles. With a focus on waste diversion and energy efficiency, the team implemented strategies tailored to the project's unique requirements.

Utilizing Green Badger’s software and consulting services proved instrumental in navigating the complexities of LEED certification. This collaborative effort, combined with Leapley Construction's "all-in" culture toward LEED, ensured the project's success in achieving LEED Gold certification.

Leapley Construction's LEED case study serves as a testament to their expertise in sustainable construction practices. By integrating LEED principles into every aspect of the project, Leapley Construction demonstrates its capability to overcome challenges and deliver environmentally conscious solutions.