CBRE Group, Inc.

Managing multiple project teams across the country and maintaining consistent results can be a real challenge, as CBRE faced while acting as an owner’s representative. With 6 projects going on around the country at the same time, each with different contractors, CBRE needed a solution that would keep each team on track with a standardized, streamlined and automated process.

Our clients turn to us to ensure that their sustainability objectives are consistently met from one project to the next. Green Badger connects the team in the cloud, allowing us to track progress in real-time without having to repeatedly ask for up to date copies of spreadsheets. The current database of product MSDS’s and product datasheets in Green Badger further ensures that supporting documentation is accurate and easily accessible.

Susie S., Sustainability Manager, CBRE Group, Inc.

Green Badger provided a central platform for all the projects within a project dashboard, allowing CBRE to view each project’s performance on one screen in real time – without having to constantly request updates from the projects teams or having to open a spreadsheet.


Sustainability compliance has never been this easy.

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