Our Story

Green Badger was founded by LEED Fellow Tommy Linstroth to make life easier for all of those working on (or slogging through) LEED projects. After personally working on over 80 projects through every type of LEED certification available, he decided instead of just shepherding projects through to LEED certification, it would be much more productive to simply make the process better – making everyone’s life easier and ultimately encouraging more people to pursue certification. If we can make the LEED documentation process smoother and easier to manage, more people will be willing and able to pursue certification.

Our Mission

Green Badger provides cloud-based automation and compliance solutions for the green construction industry. Owners and project teams should not be spending their valuable time and money on paperwork for LEED compliance – they should focus on designing and constructing greener buildings. Green Badger exists to help make that happen.

Tommy Linstroth, Founder & CEO

Tommy Linstroth’s (LEED Fellow) career has spanned both the private, academic, and non-profit sectors in the Midwest, West and now East coast, throughout which he has personally been involved with over 80 projects achieving LEED certification with a market value of nearly a billion dollars. The lessons learned throughout the past decade of hands-on involvement in LEED projects resulted in the creation of the Green Badger LEED Documentation App – created by LEED users, for LEED users.

He is a frequent speaker on green building and sustainability throughout the country, and he co-authored the book Local Action: The New Paradigm in Climate Change Policy published in November 2007, and is a contributing author for The Green Building Bottom Line, published in November 2008. He has been recognized as Building Design and Construction’s 40 under 40, Georgia Trend 40 under 40, and USGBC Savannah Branch as Green Leader of the Year. He currently resides in Savannah, GA and specializes in sourcing local/regional beers, even though he has an affinity for those of Belgian origin.