A Sticky Situation for v4 Adhesives and Sealants

We’ve been poking our noses through a lot of v4 products and the accompanying challenges we’re seeing in the field (and Badgers have keen noses), and we’ve come across a sticky situation – emissivity for adhesives and sealants. (Get it, adhesives are sticky – a sticky situation??? Not only do Badgers have great noses, but we’re hilarious!).

For flooring, furniture, wall products, insulation, and even a broad spectrum of paints (at least the basics), emissivity documentation is readily available, and credit compliance is not overly cumbersome. But we’ve spoken to a number of project teams and the typical caulks, PVC cements, building sealants and dozens of other products are not able to provide emissivity compliance. That takes a whole category off the board when pursuing option 1 for low-emitting materials and makes it really tough to earn more than 1 point for this credit.  Honestly, it might be easier to write off adhesives and sealants completely and focus efforts on the other categories where documentation does exist, rather than beating your head against the wall looking for nonexistent backup materials.  Ugh – is it Friday yet?

(PS – What do you think? Have you had success documenting adhesives and sealants under v4?)

One thought on “A Sticky Situation for v4 Adhesives and Sealants

  1. Thanks for getting to the cause of this.

    I analyzed credit achievement rates on projects and noticed people were not doing very well with this credit. I did avoid it altogether.

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