PVC/CPVC Cement that is LEED v4 Compliant

PVC/CPVC Cement that is LEED v4 Compliant

At long last, LEED v4 compliant PVC/CPVC cement has arrived! After almost 4 years of waiting, construction project teams now have LEED compliant PVC/CPVC cement products to add to their projects. LEED v4 was introduced way back in the good old days of 2016. (Heck, it was supposed to come in effect in 2015.) Above […]

Announcing Carbon Neutral Sustainability Initiative

Green Badger, the premier cloud-based LEED certification software solution for the construction industry, has announced several sustainability initiatives, including a total offsetting of the company’s carbon emissions.

Announcing Enhanced Functions for LEED v4.1

Top LEED documentation software offers contractors the industry-leading solution for the latest version of the green construction rating system, including USGBC’s recent release of LEED v4.1 compliance.

interior metal studs can earn you points towards LEED v4 credits

LEED v4 Compliant Metal Studs with EDPs and HPDs

Interior metal studs help you across all three LEED v4 BPDO credits, are nearly zero waste since they always get recycled, and are non-emitting, so you don’t have to worry about anything in the low-emitting category. How much better could you get?