Doc, I’ve got a bad case of EPD…

You’re head my start to spin with all the new, great acronyms borne of LEED v4. If people here you talking about how EPDs make your head hurt, HPDs are driving you bonkers, and C2C makes your skin crawl, they might drag you to the ER for an MRI ASAP! Today we’re going to talk about […]

Easiest way to document IAQ management during construction – ever!

So we’ve talked in the past about successfully documenting IEQc3.1, but still see the same challenges week after week. Here’s what should happen and what does happen. Should happen – IAQ management plan has been developed AND given to the subs. once the building is getting near dried in (or HVAC equipment starts to show […]

Regulators…Mount Up!

With all do respect to Warren G and the Regulators, this post is all about….commingled waste recycling! Whoa, bet you didn’t see that coming! But, its a topic top of mind based on a phone call with a project team the other day. If you haven’t been reading the reference guide lately and all the […]

How to Not F@*K Up IEQc3.1

There are some LEED credits that are easy to implement and hard to document, some that are hard to implement but easy to document, and some weird combination in between. IEQc3.1 falls somewhere in the middle. One on hand, implementation should be easy – none of it is rocket science. If there is ductwork onsite, […]

Win That Next LEED Project – 5 Key Tips

Winning project work is tough, and having LEED in the mix can make it even more challenging. Here are 5 tips to make your LEED case more compelling and set you apart from your competition.

WTF is that Smell?

I had an interesting conversation with a colleague the other day while traipsing through Charlotte. I was spinning a yarn of a LEED project of yore, and not to be outdone, she countered with one of her own. Her’s involved a frantic, late-night call from a project architect who had been out at the jobsite […]

What A Difference a Point Makes

What’s the difference between LEED Silver and LEED Gold certification? Well, LEED Silver is only 50 points, and for Gold you need 60 points, so the difference is 10 points, right? Ah, the simplicity of it. But it’s not really 10 points, is it? In fact, the first 9 points really don’t matter all that […]