4 months to go…

Wow, time flies! Only 4 months to go as we near the LEED v4 implementation deadline. The Badger has been on the road for nearly the last 8 weeks straight, and we’ve heard a common theme – project team’s still have A LOT of uncertainty on how they’re going to meet some of the v4 […]

When EPDs/HPDs drive you to drink…

We’ve written about and spent waaaaay to much time pondering LEED v4 and EPDs and HPDs this week, and we need a break. But what to turn to – beer, perhaps? You can at least drink a beer you don’t have to worry about needing an HPD for! We turn to the Samuel Smith Organic […]

Badgers Love Snow

Who knew? Frolicing, digging, burrowing, sledding, but mostly skiing. And that’s why today’s beer reflects one of our favorite winter escapes – Breckenridge, CO. And you can’t go to Breck without a required stop at the Breckenridge Brewery, who have been producing fine craft beer in the mountains for the last 26 years. And while […]

Introducing the Green Badger Koozie!

You know we love beer. Boy, does the Badger love beer…but we really love ice cold beer, and bet you do to! That’s why we’ve got the Green Badger koozies, to keep you beer (or other beverage) nice and cold as you reflect back on the week at how much time you didn’t have to […]

And the winner is…

Holy cow – the Badger’s heard you and I’m sorry! Its been almost 3 weeks since our official Green Badger Octoberfest taste-off – and we haven’t had the courtesy of reporting the results! Out of 15 different Octoberfest style beers, we named an import and domestic winner. So, drumroll please……. IMPORT WINNER Ayinger Oktober Fest-Märzen […]

And there shall be one to rule them all

OK, so this would normally be a beer review, but it is not. Call it a beer preview, if you will. Its one of the Badger’s favorite times of year (there are many, I’m a pretty happy Badger!). But – from a beer perspective – Octoberfest! And every year, it seems that more and more […]

Just Because it is 90 degrees doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy fall brews

Wow – the Badger has been busy, and been slacking in our beer reviews. But one of our favorite seasonals just hit the shelf, and we’re taking the time to pour a frosty mug of Southern Tier’s Pumking beer. You might be wondering, pumpkin beer, when it is 90 degrees out? That’s what we used […]

cry me a river ….. of BEER!

This week we are going to talk about drowning our sorrows.  I know you are probably thinking, “whoa, these guys have taken a turn for the worst” but it’s not true.  In a recent survey of about 10 professionals we discovered that 9 out of 10 LEED AP’s agree that the calming effects of beer […]

Good people know where to find the good BEER!

  Howdy Badgers! It’s Beer-Friday and you know what that means… moderately incoherent babble about some beer that tastes like water that has been fermented with barley, wheat or hops.   But not this Friday, this Friday we are going to write a thank you of sorts.  A man, that for our purposes  will be […]