Not Just For Yeti Coolers

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Ah, summer is upon us – it is literally 100 degrees in Savannah, GA today and IT IS STILL MAY (but there’s no such thing as climate change, right?), and all the Badger can think about is cold beers this weekend.

But how do you keep your beer cold when lounging outside when its 100 degrees? By keeping it in a well-insulated container! Now, the Badger can’t afford a $400 cooler, so I’ll opt for any old well-insulated thing. The same goes for your building – and fortunately your insulation can keep you not just cool as a fool at the pool, but help you out on a bunch of LEED v4 (and 4.1!) credits – for both materials AND low-emitting.

You know what’s super-COOL about that? Every building has insulation (in the US anyway). Fiberglass, cellulose, spray applied – for thermal, sound and mechanical, you’re building is bound to have multiple applications, and that can heat up (and keep warm) your EPD and Ingredient reporting count.

The market offers a range of products and manufacturers, so you won’t end up pigeon-holed into a sole source issue. Here’s a snapshot of what the Badger’s stumbled across:

  • Certainteed – acoustic and thermal batts, faced and unfaced with EPDs, HPDs and Greenguard Gold certificates for Low Emitting.
  • Knauff – Batt thermal and acoustic, blown in, and pipe insulation all with EPDs and Greenguard Gold certificates for Low Emitting.
  • Owens Corning – mineral wool, fiberglass faced and unfaced batts, rigid, and fiberglass pipe insulation. You’ve got EPDs, Material Health Certificates, and recycled content – in some cases you get the LEED tri-fecta! And they come with Greenguard Gold certificates for your Low-Emitting Points
  • International Cellulose Corp – acoustical and thermal insulation with EPDs and Greenguard Gold certificates for Low Emitting.
  • Johns Manville – duct liner, acoustic and more – all with EPDs and Greenguard Gold certificates for Low Emitting.
  • Industry Wide Spray Foam EPD
So there you go – chill out and start collecting your MR and IEQ credits – its time for a cold one!

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