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The EPDs You CAN’T Miss

Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) for LEED v4 Materials and Resources Credit 2 can be tough to come by. It can take over a year for a product to get an EPD developed, and that is if there is a product category rule already in existence. We won’t bore you with those details, but will share the EPDs you can stumble across on most commercial projects without even trying. These are products with Industry-Wide EPDs. These EPDs are not for a specific manufacturer and product – rather they apply to any manufacturer of a product type. The kicker – they only count as 1/2 a product (you need to get to 20 total products), so theoretically you would need 40 of these industry-wide products to earn the point.

We won’t sit here and say that is the approach to take – but we CAN tell you the handful of products that are likely on the project you are on right now, and you can claim these EPDs today. It is pretty easy to get 10 of them (= 5 products), which gets you a quarter of the way to the point without even trying. Without further ado:

Wood Products – Plywood, MDF, particle board, OSB – if it is wood from North America you are likely racking up points. So claim your sheathing, blocking, millwork, trim, and framing lumber (and don’t forget I-joists, glue-lam, and LVLs), and you can end up with up to 8 industry-wide EPDs.

Drywall – Type-X gyp board- ¬†when was the last time you were on a project that didn’t have gypsum board on at least 1 wall? Boom – add it to the list

Steel – everyone who got mad at the wood options and said, we’re not stick-building – you can settle down. There are industry-wide EPDs for Structural Steel, Metal Decking, Metal Joists, Fabricated Hot-Rolled Structural Sections, Fabricated Hollow Structural Sections, Fabricated Steel Plates, Roll-Formed Metal Wall Panels, Insulated Metal Panels and Interior Metal Studs and Track. 10 more for the list.

Roofing – if you’re using PVC membrane, you’ll find options with product-specific EPDs – but we’re staying general here. So if you’ve got asphalt shingles or a mod-bit roof, add them to the list.

Concrete – Ready Mix Concrete has an industry-wide EPD that you can likely count for multiple mix designs (each could be its own product)

So there you go – no matter what your building type, you should be able to get at least a quarter of your products, if not more, from some pretty basic building materials without having to do any deep digging. How to get the rest? Read more at https://getgreenbadger.com/leed-war-stories/.

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