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HPDs the Easy Way

At Green Badger, we’re all about efficiency – making LEED documentation more efficient, helping you select your next beer quicker – you get the point. So this will be short and sweet. Moving forward, as we continue to grow and expand our v4 product database, we’ll be providing updates on broad product brands and categories that can help you warn your LEED v4 EPD and Material Ingredient credits.

Today we’ll provide you an option for something you probably don’t notice much but is on every building project – and is often right underfoot. It is brought to us by the good people at Laticrete, who offer over 150 products with Health Product Declarations (HPDs), and include things such as grout, tile adhesive, thin-set mortar, water proofers, concrete curers, and good old fashioned honing powder. That’s right, if your project has a bathroom or masonry, you can easily get a quarter of your HPDs from Laticrete products. This continues the trend of flooring products that offer EPDs and HPDs (as we’ve written about here). You could likely earn both EPD and MIR Options1 from your carpet, VCT, tile, and the associated adhesives if you played your cards right.

The best part – these Laticrete products are mostly out of sight and out of mind, meaning you could use the same products on every project moving forward and not have to worry about it. Something to keep in mind.

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