And Now Pouring…

Which cold, frothy brew shall we discuss today, is likely the question on the tip of your tongue. Alas, the Badger is swerving in a different direction this Friday after sampling what has definitively been one of the best rums we’ve tasted in quite a long time! That’s right – today is the Badger’s first review of a liquor – and the honor goes to Zaya Gran Reserva.

Zaya hails from the Caribbean nation of Trinadad and Tobago Рwhich lies much further south than your typical rum-producing islands. What is truly unique about this dark rum is that for each batch of Zaya, 12 different rare aged rums are carefully selected and blended by the Zaya master blender to achieve the delicate balance and unique profile of Zaya Gran Reserva. Zaya is produced using blackstrap molasses, 4-stage filtered water, and aged in oak barrels that have been lightly charred. You get a bit of sweetness, a bit of vanilla, can stand up perfectly fine alone over an ice cube, swirled with a splash of coke, or mixed into your favorite mojito recipe.

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