Warm Weather Brew For This Cold, Cold Week

Here in lovely Savannah, GA, we’re used to nice, mild winters. Maybe a slight breeze to drop it to the low 60s, even the 50s. But this latest cold snap that forced residents to cover their plants, bundle their children, and hide under blankets all weekend has got to go! Now, we hail from Wisconsin, so we know something about cold – but when the day before is 70, and then it is 25, we’re talking a 50 degree swing that is quite a shock to the system! It makes me want to escape to a tropical island, kick back on the beach, dig my toes in the sand, and pop a cold one. To help make that dream a little more real, we’re enjoying a beer from the country of Green Badger’s first Caribbean project in the gorgeous island of Antigua – Wadadli. Wadadli is the flagship product from the Antigua Brewery, and is a refreshing pale lager names after the original Amerindian word for the the island. First brewed nearly 25 years ago, Wadadli has become the original Antiguan word for beer on the island.

With a pale gold color and thin white head, the brew goes down easy while basking in the warm tropical sun. A barley brewed Lager, light golden color with a mix of barley, corn and some malt gives it that crisp spicy sweetness – almost like a slightly sweeter Heineken. Not something we’re running out and buying by the case for the house, but chase away the cold and put me in a tropical mindset, it will do the trick. I you can bet the Badger will have a few when we visit our first LEED certified Carribean project (and the island’s first LEED project) later this year.



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