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Easiest way to document IAQ management during construction – ever!

So we’ve talked in the past about successfully documenting IEQc3.1, but still see the same challenges week after week. Here’s what should happen and what does happen.

Should happen – IAQ management plan has been developed AND given to the subs. once the building is getting near dried in (or HVAC equipment starts to show up), the project team should refresh subs memory of the plan and what the expectations are (weekly sub or safety meetings seem a pretty good time for this, no?). Then, a member of the project team should walk the site at least once a month (wait, you walk the site every day? Then this should really be easy!) and take date and time-stamped pictures of the 5 various SMACNA measures that are applicable to the project (HVAC protection, housekeeping, source control, scheduling, and pathway interruption) and of any protected absorptive ┬ámaterials (not really applicable until drywall starts showing up – usually), and drop those pictures (with date and time stamps) into a quick monthly report identifying which measures were in place when. If the team notices anything out of whack, quickly gather the subs and reinforce that this is a pretty simple requirement and to not let it happen again. When the project is ready for certification, you’ll have a nice monthly report, with all your pictures date/time stamped, and all your measures documented. Pretty easy, right?

Here’s what often happens. IAQ plan is updated at the beginning of the project and sits in a file folder. Subs show up and proceed to not clean up after themselves, pull plastic off ductwork for painting, etc, and not repair it, leave drywall laying on the ground where it can get wet, and all sorts of other things. Project team takes some pictures here or there, probably without the date stamp, and they get mixed into the other 10000 project photos for the entire course of construction. Project is ready for certification and team scrambles to dig through thousands of photos to find ones with ductwork protected over multiple time periods over the course of construction, finds out the date/time stamp was turned on, and proceeds to cry uncontrollably after realizing the last 10 hours were spent digging through a bunch of pictures that are now completely irrelevant!

Yikes! Don’t let that happen to you. Check out this video to see how simple, fast and easy IAQ inspection reporting can be.

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