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Whoever said the more the merrier wasn’t talking about LEED submittals…

197 pages… I’ve read books shorter than 197 pages. What was it – the latest cutting edge green building journal? The newest tweener vampire book? The beer list at Hops and Barley? None of the above – it was the submittal that was sent in when LEED documentation for hollow metal doors and frames was requested. Shop drawings, schedules, handle locations, specifications, installation instructions, technical data – I thought putting together LEED paperwork was bad, but whoever has to detail out hundreds of doors must look at LEED Online with envy!

As fun as that is to peruse (and Badgers do like to peruse), a huge submittal like that has only 1 or so piece of relevant LEED documentation. Providing that whole package or using it as documentation will not do you any favors when submitting for review. Here’s all that was needed – this one, handy-dandy, thoughtfully highlighted cut sheet showing the recycled content of the project’s doors and frames. So please, do everyone a favor – don’t clog email boxes with 20 mb files when a 1 pager is all that is needed. The reviewers will look more kindly at this, as will everyone else in the process.

Screen Shot 2015-08-11 at 3.22.48 PM

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