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Does your Job Site Trailer Look Like This?

You know, we give a presentation called Stopping Surprises, Managing the LEED Construction Process (which is GBCI approved if you need CEs!) a good bit, and one of the tips we mention is that communication is pretty important across a lot of the LEED credits (duh). We’ve written in the past about signage on construction waste dumpsters, and alluded to it on VOCs. I bet there aren’t too many superintendents or PMs that have the LEED VOC rules for all those product categories memorized. So we suggest putting up signs in the trailer with the VOC/low-emitting limits, so that as people are walking the site or seeing product, they have a handy reference available. Well, I’ve been on a lot of jobsites and have never actually seen a team do that…until last Wednesday. We were visiting with our good friends at Choate Construction, and low and behold, what to our wandering eyes should appear? Low VOC charts – printed so clear! Such a straightforward strategy, but can pay dividends when your not lying in bed at night thinking about VOC budgets…

IMG_4365 IMG_4367IMG_4370


IMG_4368 IMG_4369

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