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WTF is that Smell?


I had an interesting conversation with a colleague the other day while traipsing through Charlotte. I was spinning a yarn of a LEED project of yore, and not to be outdone, she countered with one of her own. Her’s involved a frantic, late-night call from a project architect who had been out at the jobsite and SWORE SHE COULD JUST SMELL THE VOCs! They were everywhere, the project was doomed, the LEED credits were gone! So my colleague went out to find the aforementioned noncompliant product, which was an ubiquitous tube of White Lighting caulk. Now, if you’re in construction, you’ve probably seen White Lightning on every jobsite you’ve been on. And guess what – it is completely, totally LEED compliant.








And guess what – even zero VOC products have a smell to them! There’s still chemicals in these products – even when they are LEED compliant. Long story short, it was much ado about nothing.
But – there’s an easy way to make sure this doesn’t happen to you.


Just use the sweet Green Badger app and you and all your team members can just scan a product’s bar code to see what the VOC content is and find if it is OK or not. In 2 seconds you’ll have all the info you need. Easy as pie. And no late night phone calls. We gotta get up early in the morning!






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