Not all HPDs are Created Equal…

On November 29, 2016 by Tommy Linstroth

If you’ve spent any time trying to track down Health Product Declarations, you’ve probably found them in a variety of sources – manufacturer websites, the HPD Collaborative, SmithGroups database, Building Green, amongst many other sites. What you’ll find are a wide variety of types of documentation, detailing material and chemical compositions to varying degrees. Now the Badger knows his barley from his hops, but I don’t have a Phd in chemical engineering. How do we make sure the HPD I’m looking at is compliant with the myriad of LEED v4 credit requirements?

In a nutshell, HPDs can help you earn Material Ingredient Reporting Option 1 – you’ll need 20 of them to earn the credit. The kicker is, you’ve got to make sure the HPDs you have meet the credit requirements. The good people at HPD Collaborative, who provide not only a framework for HPDs and help manufacturers build HPDs, provided some guidance on how the meet the LEED credit requirements.

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