Let’s Get a Decent Materials Submittal

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I’ve said it before, I’ve said it again, but getting the correct pieces of information from subcontractors early and often makes life sooooo much easier for managing the LEED construction process. When you’ve got to chase them from there to the moon, well after their scope of work is complete, it can be dang near […]

Badger Dance!

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Howdy Badgers! this week we are going to skip the beer review in lieu of something entertaining and highly informative! A gif of the Badger Dance! take notes, we will be practicing this dance at Green Build this year.  Green Badgers save so much time on documentation that they actually have time to stop and […]

LEED 2009 Timeline Extended

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If there is one thing we heard from folks at Greenbuild – it was how the heck is everyone going to address LEED version 4? While we’re shooting for compatiability in the next month or so, USGBC has responded to market concerns by extending the timeframe for LEED 2009 eligibility an addiitonal 16 months. Projects […]

There’s gotta be easier ways…

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Another nuance of LEED, no easy way to quickly and easily figure out water savings for the WEp1 and WEc3 credits. I’ve been there, done that. I’ve tried using the LEED template – adding rows, creating user and fixture groups, manually entering custom flow rates since there are only 2 options listed. It’s been a […]

16 Clicks of LEED

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I might not be the most efficient person out there. It takes me too long to count my change. Making minute rice takes me 2 minutes. I once paid six dollars for my five dollar footlong. And when I need to check to see how my LEED project is progressing, here’s how it goes (on […]

It’s a LEED/Hate relationship…

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I love LEED. I love what its done for the building industry. I love what it has done for promoting green buildings and pushing them into everyday conversation. I love that LEED has given me exposure to some great thought leaders. I love that it has become a building block for further reaching programs such […]