LEED v4 Certification Tips Straight From USGBC

Did you know that there is official LEED submission guidance, straight from the good people at USGBC? There is! And you can download it below! One caveat – we took a read through it, and it seems to be a re-hash of what’s in the reference guide, but hey, at this point, anything helps. Download […]

New v4 Sealants We’ve Found

The Badger is always on the prowl for products that can help teams earn LEED v4 materials and IAQ credits. We’ve recently come across a few more options in the challenging sealant and adhesive category and thought you’d want to know.  Our friends at Everkem let us know they recently got final emissions testing results […]

Putting the “P” in EPDs

Enough with the potty humor already – sheesh! But we can’t hold it in any longer – so here it goes. Don’t miss out on your plumbing fixtures for lots of opportunities to bolster your EPD and HPD count. Kohler has a dozen toilets and urinals that have EPDs. Sloan has toilets, urinals, sinks and […]

How to Blow SSp1

Here’s a situation I’ve come across all to frequently. You get to the end of the project, everything seems good, all your points are in order, nothing but smooth sailing from here on out. But what about that often overlooked construction pre-requiste, SSp1 Construction Activity Pollution Prevention? The Badger has noted before what one of […]

Don’t Be an Angry LEED Guy…

We’ve all been there – frustrated beyond belief with tracking and managing LEED documentation. Check the video – sound familiar? At least there’s a better way!

Only 4 Months To Go!

Wow, time flies! Only 4 months to go as we near the LEED v4 implementation deadline. The Badger has been on the road for nearly the last 8 weeks straight, and we’ve heard a common theme – project team’s still have A LOT of uncertainty on how they’re going to meet some of the v4 […]

Let’s Get a Decent Materials Submittal

I’ve said it before, I’ve said it again, but getting the correct pieces of information from subcontractors early and often makes life sooooo much easier for managing the LEED construction process. When you’ve got to chase them from there to the moon, well after their scope of work is complete, it can be dang near […]

Win That Next LEED Project – 5 Key Tips

Winning project work is tough, and having LEED in the mix can make it even more challenging. Here are 5 tips to make your LEED case more compelling and set you apart from your competition.

Badger Dance!

Howdy Badgers! this week we are going to skip the beer review in lieu of something entertaining and highly informative! A gif of the Badger Dance! take notes, we will be practicing this dance at Green Build this year.  Green Badgers save so much time on documentation that they actually have time to stop and […]