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Howdy Badgers!  It’s Friday and that means BEER is flowing.  Tonight the badger is enjoying beer made by a brewery named after the more gentle mammal version of the badger, the Hare!  kidding, I suppose a gentle badger is really more like a ferret or something but that doesn’t negate the delicious taste of Red Hare brewing companies canned goodness!


Red Hare brewing is in Atlanta based so when you are in the sprawled metropolis of the south keep an eye out for it.  They are all pretty damn good but tonight we are drinking the Cotton Tail Pale Ale.   It’s a solid brew and it must be one of the cornerstones of their business because it is everywhere in Atlanta.

So, here goes…   This is a well timed review because this beer is perfect for that warm weather summer-sipping that is rapidly approaching.  It’s smooth and has a nice citrusy zip in there to add some character.  It heads up nicely and it has a nice hoppy nose but in taste the hops are much more mellow.   Smooth on the finish and just a hint of the hops at the end.


**Ta-Da!!  – another quick/painless beer review by the Green Badger team.  We like things to be quick and easy, including beer reviews, LEED documentation and long talks with that one crazy aunt, we are fixing two of those things the third we still haven’t figured out.


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